Doing it Right: Understanding New Media Technologies

Sponsored by: HP
Speakers: Cheryl Kahanec, Executive Vice President Digital Printing, Sandy Alexander; Kathleen Battin, Business Solutions Specialist, University of Iowa Printing and Mailing Services and Michael Panaggio, Chief Executive Officer, DME

The complexities of multi-channel marketing introduce new, sometimes daunting variables that print service providers must manage.

This webinar will focus on the array of different tools and technologies available in the market including Web-to-print templates, personalized direct mail, personalized URLs and customized landing pages, SMS texting and Quick Response (QR Codes).

You’ll also hear specific examples from our panelists about where and how new media technology has been used (with amazing results!).

Listeners will learn the following:

· about the latest new media technologies

· how others are using new media to drive business results

· recommendations for success

Sponsored by HP

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