Would You Follow Your Own Firm on Twitter or Facebook?

We’ve all heard a ton of buzz about how the “great thing” now is marketing your printing business on Twitter and Facebook. Being in the direct marketing arena…it’s no different here. But, I really don’t see a whole lot of benefit for those companies that have jumped on the bandwagon…at least with how they’re doing it.

Social media is really nothing other than another vehicle to communicate with and deliver content to people. Now, because of the interactive nature, it has enormous potential. But to realize that potential, companies have to be creative and deliver content that is conducive to interactivity.

Now let’s see what is going online and what could go on (at least from my observations).

Current situation:

1. Basic talk about what the company does and what its services are. This could be done via a Website since it doesn’t change very often.

2. Announcement of events/press. I see companies announce things going on with them and things going on in their communities. Not bad I suppose. But most of this content can be delivered via print or e-mail, assuming they have contact info (which they should if they are followers). In fact, that would be more effective since a message could be altered to fit the recipient.

3. Announcements of internal blog posting. This a good use due to the hot links and the potential to inform your clients and followers of new information and advice that may help them. Unfortunately, very few printers have blogs and write any original content. There is great opportunity here to present your firm as the expert.

4. Referring other relevant industry information. The key word here is relevant. This can be a good use of social media. It can keep a company’s customers and prospects abreast of “stuff” going on in their industry (i.e. trend, tips, etc.). The problem I see here is that everybody mentions the same articles. And most of them are about how “print isn’t dying.” Enough already.

Clay's recruiting and strategic consulting efforts over the past 20 years have provided firms in the printing and communications industries the talent and perspective that has enabled them to navigate the constant change they’ve faced. His current company, the bleedingEDGE, provides digital printing firms with 1:1 marketing solutions that enable their small- and medium-sized clients to compete with larger competitors using a cooperative strategy and production model. In addition to the normal 1:1 marketing techniques of personalization and customization, the bleedingEDGE incorporates timing strategies, generational analysis and sociological factors in producing results well above the norm.
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  • http://GregTaylor Greg Taylor

    Good article. I run an integrated marketing firm in AZ and agree with your points.

    The best things you can do when you are trying to incorporate a digital presence for your company is to go where your audience/customers live online and add value with every post.

    There is a time and place for self promotion and it will be tolerated if it’s the exception and not the norm. Our approach with social media is to try and answer client’s or prospect’s questions before they are asked. We achieve this by posting links to helpful articles or crafting articles and posting on company blogs.

    Print is not dead; it just needs to be integrated with new media.

  • http://SkeeterHarris Skeeter Harris


    An interesting article here about how Printers are using Social Media. While I see and agree with your points about what some are doing utilizing Social Media within print, I cannot say that I perceive much value for an offset printer on Facebook unless they are producing large volume stock runs.

    Where I have seen value in particular is with Twitter, and working with a firm here in Upstate, NY @MonroeLitho What we did differently is to use Twitter and video to tell a story of print from design through to print. The article and subsequent stream can be seen here. http://monroelitho.com/OurStory/ONEonONE/tabid/91/Default.aspx

  • http://EricLake Eric Lake

    Great post, thank you. We just set up a blog for our print shop focusing on capabilities, tips on getting print jobs done, and happenings in our community. So far, a great response!