A Message from Your Post Office about e-Tailing, Catalogs and Business Services

USPSThe U.S. Postal Service has some useful insights to share with those engaged in the communications business. Its main point is “Zappos.com and Dell weren’t always the big names in e-tail that they are today”—so states its Website. In fact, both of these online etailers fueled their phenomenal growth with the help of catalogs and the Post Office would like to explain how. For more information on their business services go here.

It seems USPS’ vested interest in the activities of print is self-serving, let’s be honest, but the information it puts out is well documented and could serve as a useful blueprint for marketers interested in promoting their online wares using a balanced multi-channel marketing approach. Youʼll also find information about Going Green, Eco-friendly Packaging, Barcoding and related business service topics that are relevant to marketers everywhere.

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