Lessons to Learn About Business from Pink at the AMAs

Even if you don’t like what’s going on with contemporary music these days…read this anyway!

Sunday night, I watched the American Music Awards on television. I’d been waiting for it for several day, if for no reason other than to see Pink perform my current favorite song. Little did I know it would be the topic of this article. I figured the performance would be good, but it was something that transcended music for me…It clarified how I want to do business.

Here’s what I learned, or as Pink says, “the dealio.”

Start with a great product. Pink’s song “Raise Your Glass” is a great song. In a year of memorable music, it may be the toast of the group. It’s catchy and it has uplifting, fun lyrics. It gets you up and moving.

While your business may not have your clients “dancing in the streets,” what you offer them sure should make them happy and remember you for what you provided.

Adapt, but stay true to yourself. For those of you not familiar with Pink, let me summarize. She’s an edgy, scowling, rock-and-roll diva known for her unpredictable, “over the top stage antics.” Heck, in the last Grammys she entered flying over the crowd, singing upside down on a trapeze.

Sunday night, due to her present physical condition, there was no trapeze. Pink is pregnant. But that didn’t stop her from being Pink. On the most elaborate stage set of the night, she was all over the stage dancing and rocking out, albeit in flats rather than the normal stiletto heels. But she was still Pink.

The printing industry is in a major state of upheaval. Its members are all over the place searching for ways to stay relevant in the changing communications environment. Whether its Web-to-print, social media, variable data printing or QR codes, printing companies are desperately looking for any way to engage and retain their customer bases.

Clay's recruiting and strategic consulting efforts over the past 20 years have provided firms in the printing and communications industries the talent and perspective that has enabled them to navigate the constant change they’ve faced. His current company, the bleedingEDGE, provides digital printing firms with 1:1 marketing solutions that enable their small- and medium-sized clients to compete with larger competitors using a cooperative strategy and production model. In addition to the normal 1:1 marketing techniques of personalization and customization, the bleedingEDGE incorporates timing strategies, generational analysis and sociological factors in producing results well above the norm.
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