Keeping Your Message Relevant: Putting a Fresh Face on Your Communications

A large part of getting and maintaining business is staying relevant in the minds of your customers. One way to do this is to communicate frequently and consistently, and a Website is the perfect tool to use to achieve this goal. Sometimes putting a fresh face on your communications helps your customers become reengaged and better understand your services.

Here’s been my recent experience. For those of you who have been long-term subscribers to our free community Print Buyers, you are well aware that while we are known for our dynamic content on our site, our graphics were seriously outdated. We finally put the resources and energies together to make the changes we had wanted to make for years, and we spent the last several months overhauling our site. I am happy to announce the new version of launched on Monday, January 12.

Now here’s the lesson learned: compared with a similar time frame, within just three days of going live with our new site our:

• Print buyer Cool Tool orders (i.e., prospect generator tools for our sponsors) increased by 56%

• New memberships have doubled

• Site traffic has increased exponentially

One of the reasons I believe our Website has become more successful is our homepage content is now constantly changing. In the past, we always had an abundance of content — but it was difficult for our readers to discover what was new when they navigated through our site. By taking the time to redesign our site’s layout and provide our members with what was important to them, they have become much more engaged.

Consider how your website could be updated and become more relevant to your readers; you may be amazed by how a facelift can directly impact your bottom line.And if you have your own Website success story you’d like to share, post a link and details of how the site engages customers in a Comment below.

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    Although we haven’t redesigned, adding a Flash video on the homepage has definitely increased the engagement of our Web site and has lead to more browsing and ultimately more sales. Also, putting new info, like our Expedited Same Day and One Day Turnaround services in the top third of the homepage has had a real impact. Goes to show that following traditional design principles pays off in any medium!