How are you compensated?

July 7, 2009

Below are the results of the latest Print Buyers Weekly Quick Poll survey, which encourages our print buyer and supplier members to share their thoughts on issues that affect the graphic arts industry.

How are you compensated?Buyers / Suppliers

a) salary only — 62% / 15%
b) salary plus bonus — 29% / 30%
c) hourly — 7% / 10%
d) commission — 1% / 35%
e) other — 1% / 10%

69 Print Buyers and 20 Print Suppliers participated in this survey.

Here are some of the comments survey participants shared with

“We are compensated hourly, but they took away OT recently so we’re trying to get the same work done in just 8 hours!” Print Buyer

“Sure would like to know the ranges since a realistic one is not available in Labor Statistics.” Print Buyer

“Weekly base salary plus commission last week of every month.” Darren Peterson, Print Supplier

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