From Traditional Print to Digital the Smart Way

As everyone knows, we are in the midst of a reinvention of how people find and disseminate information. Adding value to the process are printing firms that are engaged in an equally challenging timeframe of reinvention.

Value engineering, as some call it, is a worthy pursuit in the hands of those who know where a market is headed and help it get there. One such example is HB Digital Arts & Blueprint, Inc.

HB Digital

Started as a printing company in 1962, it grew into what might be termed a “full-service graphics and printing company.” Nothing special so far. At that time, its product was the printing of ammonia-based blueprints for the building industry. OK, thatʼs a bit more specialized.

But as time went by, there was a need for more sales and that demanded offering more services to more clients. Slowly but surely the company added a digital dimension so that today it is fully digital with both small- and large-format color capabilities. Nice, but again nothing to really break through the clutter of the many other printers with similar print capabilities.

So what made the difference for this printing company? Its newly installed design and marketing team—not its print capabilities! Over the past three decades, HB has assisted countless companies with design and printing services. A few years back it began a brand marketing campaign, “Wow Cow” Carmen Mooranda. Carmen’s likeness (above) appears on everything from the company’s business cards to its front window decals and delivery vehicles. Along with winning several creative awards for promotion pieces, HB Digital has kept a sustained growth position in its marketplace.

Anyone in the hot seat of growing a printing company would say WOW! and congratulations for a truly creative reinvention.

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Tom Marin is the president of MarketCues, a national consulting firm. Tom serves as a senior advisor and change-management consultant with 35 years of experience. He has worked for some of the world’s largest corporations, as well as middle-market firms. Tom's focus is to plan and drive strategy shifts and strategic growth programs in the printing industry and a diverse range of market areas.
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