Busy, Busy, Busy.

Ask anyone how they’re doing and you’re likely to get one answer: they’re sooo busy. Ever since the financial crisis, if that weren’t your automatic response, people were liable to begin musing about you as deadweight, fat waiting to be trimmed, a cow on the path to slaughter. If only you could see or hear what lay ahead you might turn back. In our industry, it’s easy to understand some of these feelings, especially at places like XPEDX and Unisource right now. Quick: look like you’re busy.

We talk about being so busy, but are we really?

Americans are so busy that we watch between four and five hours of television per day. If we sleep for seven hours, that means we spend more than a quarter of our waking hours in front of the tube every day. To me, that doesn’t sound like being busy, that sounds like making choices.

And what about the people chatting around the office or walking down the hallways? What are they doing? Are they so busy too? They’re the people who are most eager to adamantly proclaim to you just how busy and overworked they are. Give them your ear and they’ll gnaw away until you feel like Evander Holyfield after a tussle with Mike Tyson. Yeah, it’s painful.

I’ve had the busy excuse projected onto me many times. It’s such an easy excuse that it makes people comfortable. “Dustin hasn’t addressed an issue yet; he must be really busy.” It would make it okay, except that it doesn’t. Sure, I work a full-time job, go to school on the weekends and find time to write this blog. I guess that’s busy, but many people I know are busier. Take, for example, anyone who has kids. The reality is that I, and everyone else, set priorities in my life and business life. Some issues get addressed, and others, well I’m just too busy to handle right now.

A third-generation printer, Dustin LeFebvre delivers his vision for Specialty Print Communications as EVP, Marketing through strategy, planning and new product development. With a rich background ranging from sales and marketing to operations, quality control and procurement, Dustin takes a wide-angle approach to SPC

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  • Maggie Young

    I’ve had so many people give me this excuse lately, but what you said is true. Whatever I’m asking for from them is simply not a priority. I wish we could move away from this, but I can’t see that ever happening. (Maybe I’m just pessimistic?)

  • Jim T

    Dustin, I’m confused. You start off by talking about time spent watching TV. That’s leisure time, right? I don’t understand the connection between how people use their personal leisure time and their work day. Are you saying people should have less leisure time and spend more time working? Or you just don’t approve of their choices in the way they’re spending their leisure time?

  • James

    You’re very correct, we do what we choose to do with our time.

    On a side note, how to take advantage of this free paper deal? Is it too late? I’d like to know more.

  • Matt

    Well said …to quote Zig Ziegler, people busy or not tend to "Confuse Activity with accomplishment".

  • Shigenori

    Even when I am busy I try not tosay it. It seems as though you are saying you are not capable. I try to think of people who are much busier than I am, for example, the president of United states. I am sure he wouldn’t make any excuses because he is busy. Plus, if you are really busy but performing well, people around you will understand your situation.