Building Customer Loyalty: Five Practical Tips

Building customer loyalty in the printing world starts with relationships. Don’t think you are a commodity or a retailer because you are not. Print buyers like to buy from people they like and can connect with. Here are five practical things to consider to build loyalty. It is the little stuff that matters.

1) Take time to get to know the print buyer. Use their name during conversations, but don’t make it canned. People love to hear their name when genuine. It is easier to show empathy when you know your customer beyond print. Get to know their personal life such as children, anniversaries, food they like, hobbies. Some of my best customers had so many things in common with me and we could share wonderful time together and enjoyed each other’s company.

2) Be happy even when you feel down. No one likes to hang out with Eeyore. I much rather hang out with Tigger. I know that physical pain drains us, family issues challenge our outlook, chemical imbalances fight our abilities to stay positive, but if you are serving customers you need to put that aside.

Example, after bringing my car to an auto repair shop for 10 years I learned that the receptionist was on chemotherapy for cancer the past 5 years and will be on it the rest of her life. WOW, I never even knew until one day she did something strange and I asked her how she was doing. She always asked me and I felt we had a relationship enough to ask her. It gave me more respect for her and the company.

3) Think like a customer. Sounds basic, but it drives people nuts to hear “That is company policy.” or “That is how we do it here.” Bend the rules can go a long way to make customers feel unique and special.

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