10 Ways to Tell if Your Brand is Effective

Do you know how well your brand is communicating to your key target audiences? Is your brand over-performing or under-performing?

Take this simple test (as honestly as you possibly can be for accurate results) to determine what shape your brand is really in. On a scale of 1 (lowest score) and 3 (highest score), evaluate your brand based upon the following brand assessment characteristics you can use to evaluate your brand. These characteristics can also be used to establish solid guidelines to build a healthy brand.

1. Strategy
Do all of the pieces of your branding synchronize with one brand concept that communicates the benefits you offer? Does your brand answer this question from your customerʼs perspective? Would your customers be in unison about what makes them use your brand and would they be able to express what makes your brand unique in the same way?

SCORE: ______

2. Message
Does your messaging quickly communicate the unique brand benefits throughout all of your branding? In other words, do you have one theme with many ways of communicating your brandʼs primary strategy, or do you have use multiple messages hoping to appeal to a large audience?

SCORE: ______

3. Differentiation
Does your brand have a unique distinction compared to all of your competitors, and is it being strongly and clearly being communicated?

SCORE: ____

4. Precision
Is your brand strategy based upon a brand distinction or was it created based on a creative concept without researching your marketplace?

SCORE: ____

5. Truthfulness
Is your branding based upon truthful brand promises that your company consistently delivers? Simply put, is your company known for delivering on its promises or breaking them?

SCORE: ____

6. Resonance
Does your brandʼs marketing make your customers want to tell others about their positive experiences with your brand because your brand has solved so many of their challenges?


Tom Marin is the managing partner of MarketCues.com and provides corporate and brand strategy to organizations of all sizes. He has an extensive background in the graphic arts, printing, publishing and media industries. Marin is an accredited member of the national and international chapters of the Business Marketing Assn., is a (CBC) certified business communicator and a past marketing chair of the Chicago chapter.

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