Bill Farquharson

Bill Farquharson

Bill Farquharson is a partner at Idealliance. As a print-specific sales trainer, Farquharson applies a fundamentally-sound approach to his coaching, online programs (found at, and live presentations. Contact him at or (781) 934-7036 to discuss your sales challenges.

Millennial Sales Speak

In this week's blog, 56-year-old Bill Farquharson (practically a crypt keeper) requests the opinion of his millennial readers to help him make sense of what’s happening to the English language and if it matters at all to them.

Defining Acceptable Failure

A sales rep joins a training program and shortly thereafter quits. His manager considers this to be a failure. In this week’s blog, Bill Farquharson disagrees.

Food for Thought: How to Drop Off Ketchup

Every once in a while, we can learn something from the most mundane of jobs. You wouldn’t think that a request for extra ketchup could be interesting enough to emit a lesson that makes it into Bill Farquharson’s blog, but then you never met the scraggly red haired kid who dropped it off at Bill’s table.

How to Sell with Limited Time

You are a CSR trying to break into sales. The problem is, you still have to be a CSR while you’re doing it. How do you straddle both worlds? Read the advice that Bill Farquharson gives his customers in this week’s blog.

Unseating the Competition

The recipe for unseating the incumbent vendor has three ingredients: message, method and patience.

Horton Hears A ‘What?’ Call

There was a print sales rep named Horton. After three years of hard work, Horton had built up a modest book of business but…

Think About Your Sales Philosophy

This week’s blog by Bill Farquharson talks about the need to give deep and consistent thought to your actions and approach to sales.

Flashback: You Hung up on Me!

Jump in Bill’s DeLorean and go back in time as he revisits a column he wrote that all sales reps can relate to: Getting hung up on.

Can It Wait Till 9:30?

If your workday consists of constant interruption, then this blog subject is for you. While you’re trying to get your work done, questions and queries come your way, preventing you from having any time to yourself. The solution provided in this week’s blog by Bill Farquharson might give you some relief.