Bill Farquharson

Bill Farquharson

Bill Farquharson is a partner at Idealliance. As a print-specific sales trainer, Farquharson applies a fundamentally-sound approach to his coaching, online programs (found at, and live presentations. Contact him: or (781) 934-7036 to discuss your sales challenges.

A Sales Rep's Ultimate Goal

What would you think if a customer called you for a movie recommendation? How about to suggest a good plumber? Sure, these are obscure requests, but you should make them your goal as a sales rep. Read this week’s blog by Bill Farquharson for more information and a full explanation.

Get Something Done Today

Make today the last day that you are frustrated with the lack of productivity.

As Salespeople See, Salespeople Do

The personality of any company is generally a connect-the-dots link to the top brass. This holds true right down to work ethic.

Sales Training in Two Words

Keeping it short and simple, Bill Farquharson pares sales training down to two words (but uses 200 more to explain).

And Now, a Word From Your Conscience

You can lie to yourself. You can lie to your boss. But your conscience knows that you are not doing the prospecting you should be.

The Sales/Non-Sales Perspective

Sales says tom-A-to and Management says tom-AH-to. Depending on their background, everything looks different.

Dear Prospect: Here’s How to Get Rid of Me

This old sales dog remembers a day when Buyers used to set aside two hours each month so that non-incumbent vendors could bring in their new ideas and wares.