Bill Farquharson

Bill Farquharson

As a 30 year sales veteran, Bill has the perspective of a been-there, done-that sales rep in the commercial print arena. Following sales fundamentals and giving unapologetically “old school” advice, he writes and speaks in an entertaining fashion to make his points to sales people and owners who sell. “Bill Farquharson will drive your sales momentum.”

Best of Series: How to Be Remarkable! - Short Attention Span Webinar

Of all the things you wanted to be when you grew up, was "remarkable" one of them? Probably not. But as a sales person, becoming remarkable is a worthy goal. Find out why in this week’s Short Attention Span Webinar "Best of" series with Bill Farquharson and Kelly Mallozzi.

315 Words on Brevity

Why use 160 words to say what can be said in just 10? Letters get scanned. Books get "eaten." Now, more than ever, we need to be mindful and respectful of the time restraints of others and be economical with our communication choices. Read Bill’s blog this week and discover the power of brevity (although he takes his sweet time getting to that point!)

The Daily Sales Routine - Video Sales Tips

Do you have a morning routine or do you just wing it? Are you sitting down at your desk wondering what the day will bring? Top sales people have a plan. Always. What’s yours? Find out one idea for a morning sales routine in this week’s video sales tip from Bill Farquharson.

Five Things to Tell a Customer - Short Attention Span Webinar

Before you shift your attention from your existing client base to the development of new accounts, it is important to shore up relationships. The last thing you want is for a customer to think, "I am being taken for granted" and accept one of the many appointment requests they receive each day. So, in this week’s Short Attention Span Webinar, Bill and Kelly will give you five "must" discussion points that you’ll need to cover to give yourself some relative peace of mind.

'Shark Tank,' A Must-See Sales Television Show

Owning a DVR, a truly life-changing appliance, gives us all the chance to power watch and catch up on what little good stuff there is, such as “The Blacklist” and “Downton Abbey.” But there is another show that qualifies as “stay-at-home TV.” It’s “Shark Tank,” that is, if you like must-see sales TV.

Sales Advice From Calvin Coolidge

Although Calvin Coolidge was neither a sales manager nor a motivational speaker, he has one quote that is often recognized as the epitome of what it takes to be successful and this week he takes over Bill’s blog to share his thoughts.

Sales Downtime - Video Sales Tips

Knock knock! The Summer Slowdown is at your door. But before it hits, you have an opportunity unlike any other. It’s a chance to get some work done that is perhaps not directly related to selling but it is a part of sales just the same. Watch this week’s sales tip and let Bill explain it all to you.

The Screw Up - Short Attention Span Webinar

Oh no! You’ve messed up a job. The customer is ripping mad and you a great position to solidify your relationship and come out better because of the problem than if it had never happened. Wait, what? What are Bill and Kelly talking about? Find out in this week’s Short Attention Span Webinar.

Boost Your Sales by Charitable Giving

Your mom told you that donating to charities was a good idea. But did you consider the value to your business? Bill did, and he writes about it in this week’s blog.

Write Good, Sell Good - Video Sales Tips

What is the affect of bad grammar? What does a tipe-o say about you and your company? Do you take the thyme to double-check your work? We are in the communication business and, as such must be aware of our word choices! In this weak’s sales tip, Bill Farkalarkson point that out to you. (And yes, each of the previous 5 sentences had some form of bad english…as does this one.

Continue to 'Date' the Customer

Dating after the marriage is generally considered a no-no. However, in business, it is not only permissible, it is encouraged. While he's no marriage counselor or relationship advisor, Bill shares his thoughts on dating the customer after they become a customer in this week's blog.

The 'Subliminal' Sales Message - Video Sales Tips

What you say to a client or prospect is important. How you say it? Also important. But even more important is not what you say but what you do. That’s the message in this week’s sales tip from Bill Farquharson.

Five Reasons for Lousy Sales Volume - Short Attention Span Webinar

"Why am I not selling more?" Those five words haunt salespeople at night. We think we are doing it right but we don’t have the results to prove it and, in the meantime, we wonder why? Why? Why? In this week’s Short Attention Span Webinar, Bill and Kelly give you some answers.

A Short-Term Sales Goal

Before you know it, it will be the Fourth of July and you will be complaining about the Summer Slowdown. The time between now and then is your last opportunity to stay busy in July and August. What will you do with this time? In this week’s blog, Bill Farquharson offers up some ideas.

A Sales Sprint - Video Sales Tips

Don’t look now, but summer is coming quickly and you have a limited amount of time to create some sales momentum going into July. In this week’s sales tip, Bill Farquharson not only gives you three ideas for what to do with the next five weeks, he also throws a freebie your way!

The Top Gun of Sales Attributes

People, you are the top 1 percent of all salespeople. The elite. The best of the best. We’ll make you better. Many of you are probably wondering who the best sales rep here is. That plaque in the back of the room is where we list the Top Gun for each class. Do you think your name is going to be on that plaque? That’s pretty cocky. I like that in a sales rep. Here are 10 other things that I like...

Best of Series: The Generic Voice Mail - Short Attention Span Webinar

What do you say in a voice mail when you can’t think of anything to say? That is the subject of this week’s Short Attention Span Webinar with Bill and Kelly. In the coming weeks, they’ll be going live with their Short Attention Span Webinar presentations, so take the chance to look back at another "Best of" video.