Xerox Reorganizes Sales Force for Digital Growth

* Its Internet Delivery solution will allow document service providers, which output hard-copy statements and bills, to redirect data to recipients via the World Wide Web.

This will enable graphic arts companies to support collection and analysis of personal data for cross-selling and 1:1 marketing; save time through streamlined statement processing; and drive down the cost of producing statements, from $1.40 to 30 cents.

* Just-In-Time Documentation will enable graphic arts firms to provide their customers with updated and accurate documentation. For example, the latest version of a product manual, user guide or other document can be stored digitally—always ready for corrections, updates and use.

Upon request, the most current version can then be printed and finished for shipment in the desired quantity and at the point of need.

Steenburgh also revealed that Xerox’s portfolio of graphic arts industry solutions will expand further.

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