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Woodruff Printing--Scaling New Heights With UV

November 2000

Seeing Is Believing
Woodruff Printing has been able to see the results from its new UV web production by comparing several regular jobs that used to be done on sheetfed presses without UV. Woodruff recalls, "I remember a four-over-four piece—a direct mail brochure that we did for a video company. We started running the job on the new UV web press about 5 a.m. At 6 a.m., the press guys were cutting the first pallet of paper from the press. By 6:30, they were setting up the folder. When I came in at about 8 a.m., they had already had a third of the job folded, boxed, labeled and sitting ready to ship. When they finished the job, about 6 p.m., a truck picked it up and it was out of here. That same job would have taken 30 hours to print on our sheetfed presses, instead of eight hours with the Prime UV, plus cutting time and all the rest. It took one day instead of the usual four or five."

Woodruff is happy with the plant's UV capabilities for environmental, as well as operational reasons. "We were using aqueous coatings on our sheetfed equipment, and if you compare that to the UV process, it's black-and-white," he continues. "The ink is still wet under the aqueous coating. With UV, the sheet is dry and can be handled immediately. Ink wastage has been virtually eliminated, and we don't have the oven costs or environmental regulations usually associated with web printing. Plus, our pressmen love the fact that they don't have to wash the press after each shift. You have to schedule up to an hour's cleanup with sheetfed. With UV inks, they can just go home."

Opportunities Ahead
New products are in the works after successful experiments with different substrates, including metalized paper and vinyl. For example, Woodruff Printing printed labels for bottled water on a silver foil paper and is looking into other applications to expand both its product line and its service area.

Woodruff believes that printers should seriously consider UV web printing because of its many advantages. "It's just something you can't overlook," he claims. Woodruff Printing's bottom line is proof.



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