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Website SEO, the Caesar Way –Farquharson/Tedesco

February 2012

(A Note from T.J. and Bill: We're off this month. In our absence, please enjoy this column from our good friend, former Roman emperor Julius Caesar. A few thousand years after successfully faking his own death, Caesar has returned to prominence as an SEO guru.)

Friends, Romans, countrymen: lend me your ears! There's but one thing worse than the Ides of March: having a Website that is not properly optimized for search engines. Everyone from the humblest slave to Caesar himself uses search engines to seek out the wares they need. Your print customers are no different.

If your Web pages rank highly on Google and other search engines, my friends and countrymen, you shall receive much site traffic, and thus many sales the live-long day. Websites that are not optimized shall be forced to endure the winter's cold, far from any visitor. Have I captured your attention yet? Good! Let us commence my Seven Pillars of SEO.

Pillar I: Create external links to your Website. I am remembered in history in great part because of my popularity as emperor. Popularity is also important on the Web, my friends. Search engine bots count how many times your site is linked to from other sites. A site with a whole bevy of external links pointing to it shall be deemed significantly more relevant in searches than one with a mere pittance.

Therefore, doth pursue all reciprocal link opportunities with other companies, as long as there be a credible business reason to do so. Also, my countrymen, consider dispersing press releases via an online PR distribution service. When these releases post, a whole squadron of links will be created back to the release's source—your Website. Dozens or even hundreds of external links can be created this way.

Pillar II: Use search engine-friendly page titles. We Romans highly value titles—"Emperor Caesar" commands much more respect and attention than "Sandalmaker Caesar," doth it not? Web page titles hold similar weight in the world of SEO—they're one of four key elements that determine your site's search engine rankings.

Hence, make sure your page titles are relevant to the page itself. Titles shall include specific keywords or phrases and be relatively short, yet descriptive. Doth not, my friends, make the mistake of putting your company name on every page of your site. This will not help people searching for "sheetfed printing" seek you out.



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