Database Management — The Cleaner, the Better

Prior to the economic downturn, there had already been a shift in the focus of list hygiene to a more strategic role in marketing strategy and campaign performance, he adds. “The change in importance in this role has resulted in these services becoming a separate profit center at Vertis and for many of our clients.”

Equally important, these service offerings further cement Vertis’ relationship with customers, “especially on the more difficult and complex processing,” according to Hall. “Clients gain confidence in our capabilities as a marketing partner and begin turning to us to resolve postal processing issues, even during the program development stage.”

By leveraging its mailing expertise, Vertis developed an Optimal Postage program that has saved customers thousands of dollars in postage by separating the mailstreams into direct induction, co-palletization and co-mingling pallets, allowing them to gain deeper postal discounts.

Hall believes that in coming years clients will continue to challenge providers to shorten their cycle times, and client communication will have a more one-to-one relationship to the recipient. He also predicts that there will be a growing concern about data security.

A Decade of Service

Rochester, NY-based Cohber Press has been providing mailing, database management, list hygiene and related services since 1999. And, like Vertis’ Hall, Cohber President Eric Webber reports that those services are more in demand than ever.

“More companies are working smarter by using data mining techniques to identify potential markets that they otherwise might have overlooked,” explains Webber. “Using list hygiene techniques, including standardization and National Change of Address (NCOA) features, they are able to clean up their databases and get rid of incorrect or outdated information.

“Data management techniques, such as data modeling and data profiling, enable our clients to understand who their best customers are and what they look like as an organization (size of company, geographic location, SIC code affiliation, number of employees, gross revenue, number of locations, etc.). By doing this, they are better able to target their next marketing program.”

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