Trend Offset Expands into Florida

JACKSONVILLE, FL—Jeff Sweetman fully understands if you think heatset and coldset web offset printing have no business being under the same roof. The CEO of Los Alamitos, CA-based Trend Offset Printing won’t argue with anyone who feels that way.

Yes, it is true that the privately held company crossed into the Top 50 of printers nationwide as ranked by Printing Impressions in terms of revenues with a lusty $150-plus million in sales.

It’s also true that Trend Offset expanded into a Dallas suburb fairly recently and, yes, it’s expanding again with a new facility in Jacksonville, FL. Sure, Trend Offset was able to prebook $14 million in work before production began at the 160,000-square-foot Florida facility. And Governor Jeb Bush was so thrilled to have the new company, he phoned Trend Offset Chairman Anthony Lienau and thanked him for expanding into his state.

But Sweetman doesn’t want his industry colleagues to draw the conclusion that offering both heatset and coldset printing can be profitable for anyone. It is, however, an extremely worthwhile combination of cultures for Trend Offset Printing and its clients.

Worthwhile is putting it mildly. The company is projecting sales of $200 million in the not-too-distant future.

“We’ve combined the culture of coldset and heatset into the same plants, which is not the area into which most printers want to go,” notes Sweetman. “It’s not as sexy to sell newsprint as it is to sell enamel printing. The client base is somewhat unique.”

Sweetman had a visiting competitor try to convince him that heatset and coldset do not fit under the same roof. Sweetman kindly explained to the printer that not only has it worked at the Los Alamitos facility, it has been replicated and perfected at its Carrollton, TX, plant and now at the Jacksonville, FL, facility.

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