The Printing Image–An Efficient Image

“The new inks are priced competitively in all PANTONE Basic Colors, a balanced set of Process Inks and an Intense, all-purpose black,” Regenstein notes. “In addition, they are even packaged in specially sized 2.2-pound vacuum-sealed cans to better support our volume requirements.”

A Hot Innovation
Severe heat and humidity can seriously affect a printer’s ability to produce quality products, particularly as volumes and printing speeds increase. These conditions can also delay jobs by extending drying times and decreasing throughput, which, in turn, affect profitability.

“Although weather conditions in Florida may hamper ink performance, SonaPrint proved to be an exception. We found that the new ink can safely stay open on press and in the shop, all day, without drying up like other inks,” he says. “Plus it lays down beautifully and dries very quickly.”

SonaPrint’s drying capabilities and user-friendly characteristics led to a considerable increase in production at The Printing Image.

Traditionally, after printing multicolor jobs, a full day was required for inks to dry before cutting, folding and commencing other finishing applications.

“However, the new ink now permits us to run jobs through our presses and then back them up immediately,” confirms Regenstein. “Drying downtime has been virtually eliminated, which gives us a 24-hour competitive edge.”

Intense Color
As with all Van Son Holland inks, the new SonaPrint line is milled internally from its own dry color and varnish. This process supports more intense colors with greater batch-to-batch consistency. Van Son additionally claims that SonaPrint also features minimal dot gain, high gloss levels, fast setting speeds, consistent trapping and excellent rub resistance.

The secret to SonaPrint’s success is a unique varnish property developed and produced exclusively by Van Son Holland specialists. The new varnish supports less water pick-up, greater color density and longer mileage. It dries to a high gloss on coated stock and boasts excellent rub resistance on any stock.

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