The Next Wave – Digital Directions

For those, like United Lithograph, interested in gaining a better understanding of up-and-coming digital technologies, ranging from digital file delivery solutions to cutting-edge strides in digital color printing, Printing Impressions offers this exclusive look at what a key sampling of savvy industry innovators—from file transfer gurus to remote proofing trendsetters—see on the horizon as the countdown ticks to 2000.

Patrick White, founder of Digital Art Exchange (DAX), on realizing the potential of the Internet.

“The graphic communications industry will begin to realize the potential of the Internet in 1999. As fast, affordable services such as DSL emerge, this industry will see one pipe serving all of a company’s needs—from secure, fast, digital courier services, to enablers for hot new project and media asset management solutions, to e-commerce applications, to an explosion in distribute-and-print services.

“Together, these technologies will reduce costs, improve turnarounds and create a new level of collaboration between clients and their suppliers. This can only help industry vendors solidify their relationships with key accounts, while improving the value proposition for the services these vendors provide.”

Howard White, product marketing manager, Advanced Product Marketing, at Scitex America, on digital front ends (DFEs) and Brisque advances via Adobe’s PDF.

“In 1999, Scitex will further extend the capacities of its Brisque digital front end by adding support for additional input and output formats. Export PDF will allow users to automate the generation of PDFs from RIPed Scitex CT and LW files. Compact PDFs can be sent electronically to clients as a reliable remote proofing tool, and full-resolution PDFs can be provided for output in other environments. Brisque will also move to Adobe’s PostScript 3 RIP, which supports native consumption of PDF.”

Nick Orem, president of Logic Associates, on the two primary reasons electronic job ticketing will increase in use this year.

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