TEC Harnesses the Internet to Improve Direct Mail Delivery

“The return on investment for this is phenomenal,” says Euclide. “Just imagine, no wasted postage, no wasted letters and the customer actually gets to see your message.”

In addition to saving money by making sure customers receive the message the first time, TEC also is recognized by the U.S. Postal Service as an approved “Move Update” solution. Undeliverable mail annually costs the USPS $2 billion and is a significant contributor to its operating deficits. As a result, mail list cleaning qualifies businesses for discounted postage, which further saves the company money and adds to the ROI.

About TEC Mailing Solutions, LLC
Headquartered in Sun Prairie, WI, TEC Mailing Solutions provides full-service list processing and mailing management solutions for printers, publishers, catalogers and direct mailers. For more information, visit its Website at www.tecmailing.com.

Source: Company press release.

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