TEC Harnesses the Internet to Improve Direct Mail Delivery

SUN PRAIRIE, WI—When direct mail becomes indirect, money is lost. Hundreds, potentially thousands of dollars get lost in a maze of wrong addresses, new names or new locations. Luckily, a TEC Mailing Solutions aims to fix this problem with a new way to use Web-based tools to facilitate address hygiene.

Updating mailing lists used to take days and required face-to-face contact with the agency, but TEC recently launched suite of programs that performs address hygiene in a matter of minutes, securely over the Internet.

“While address hygiene is not necessary every day, it’s just like an oil change—you’ll notice everything runs quite a bit smoother after doing one,” says Brian Euclide, president of TEC.

Whereas most mail list companies can cost upwards of $500, TEC’s efficient Web-based tools allows it to provide extremely fast and efficient service over the internet. Average costs generally run $50, depending on the size of the order.

“We are the only USPS-licensed provider that offers this service in such an efficient manner,” says Euclide

TEC offers two levels of Web-based services. There’s www.MailListCleaner.com which focuses upon small to medium sized businesses and consumers looking to work on lists of 100 to over 50,000. TEC Web Services provides a XMLSOAP solution to have larger users and providers to embed these services into already existing applications and storefronts.

These Web-based services are extremely popular. They provide the end-user with all the necessary tools without having to purchase, load, and maintain software. These products are ideal for any company or organization that utilizes the mail to communicate. Recently a non-profit organization processed their list through MailListCleaner and updated or removed roughly 15 percent of its currently mailing list. The result was a $6,000 savings by spending $100. That is a 60:1 ROI. With an updated list, you save money, reduce waste, and the message is laser guided directly to the customer—no duplicates, no lost money.

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