Study Tracks Integrated Marketing Sophistication of Nonprofits

AUSTIN, TX—July 20, 2011—Convio Inc. released findings on the integrated multichannel marketing practices of nonprofit organizations. The “Integrated Multi-channel Marketing” study explores the key success factors for organizations already on their integrated multi-channel journey and identifies how they compare to their peers, and where to focus next to improve success. Key discoveries include: organization size and integrated marketing sophistication do not correlate; and leadership focus along with the right metrics, processes and technology are essential to success.

This study from Convio is the latest example reinforcing the value of integrated multichannel marketing, and builds on the body of knowledge the company has shared with the nonprofit sector for more than a decade. In 2007, Convio announced research proving that an integrated multichannel communications approach enhanced donor lifetime value; and in 2010, “The Next Generation of Giving” research captured donor behavioral trends confirming the multichannel habits of four generations of American and Canadian donors.

“Today, every constituent can and should be engaged through multiple channels so that both the organization and the individual get the most out of the relationship,” said Vinay Bhagat, founder and chief strategy officer of Convio. “In doing so, nonprofits can deepen those relationships by better anticipating needs, interests and passions, and providing relevant interactions and opportunities for participation.

“Determining how to manage this within an organization is non-trivial but has significant payoffs. Our goal for this study was to benchmark where nonprofit organizations were in their integrated marketing evolution, and codify what it takes for nonprofits of all sizes and sophistication levels to enhance success,” Bhagat added.

Key findings include:

There is broad consensus that an integrated approach makes sense. Key benefits cited were the unification of messages across channels strengthens the brand, can cut through the clutter and increase response rates, engage new audiences, grow revenue, and save money.