Solo Printing — Vision Leads to Success

The executive team at Solo Printing, shown from the left (front row): Manny Hernandez, John Carr, Miguel Delrivero, Andy Sanchez, Luis Leal and Robert Hernandez. Back row: Joe Cespedes, Herman Rea, Jorge Hernandez, Eric Hernandez and Jorge Hernandez Jr.

Manny and Jorge Hernandez of Solo Printing.

The pride and joy at Solo Printing is its new Komori System 38S heatset web press.

An operator inspects a plate coming off Solo's Fuji Sumo platesetter.

An employee loads the pockets of Solo’s Muller Martini Bravo-T saddlestitcher.

Kitting and fulfillment services are vital aspects of the value-added product and service portfolio at Solo Printing.

“Every single industry in America falls short when it comes to customer service,” notes Jorge Hernandez. “We can’t lose sight that our customers put the bread on your table. Since day one, we’ve worked hard to provide exceptional customer service and to provide a personal touch.

“There’s no answering machine when you call our company that says dial for this, dial for that. No way. We have a real person answer your call and take care of your problems. You need to make customer service Number One to be successful in any industry.”

Of course, it helps to have some firepower in the pressroom to back up that friendly service and promised delivery dates. Solo Printing has addressed its technological needs with the addition of a six-color, 38? Komori System 38S heatset web press equipped with in-line aqueous coating, remoist glue, pattern perforator, combination folder and a Vits sheeter.

The 38S enables Solo to provide clients with quick turnarounds on both long and short runs, while not sacrificing print quality. The web press also acts as a quasi-sheetfed machine, churning out what has traditionally been viewed by many printers as sheetfed work. That capability is due, in large part, to the fast makereadies provided by the press’ fully automatic plate-changing (APC) system that allows complete plate changeovers in two minutes, as well as its KHS-AI interface system.

The press, which went live last August, has provided Solo Printing with a point of differentiation among its competitors, according to Manny Hernandez. “Customers are amazed by the quality on our Komori web…the cleanness of the dot,” he says. “We had one publication client who switched to us from another printer and, when they compared the reproduction of the advertisements from one issue to the next, they couldn’t believe the difference.

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  • http://Csmith Csmith

    You guys should have used a better tape wrapped box in your display. Also, the balance of the boxes should use the heavy tape not the plastic kind. Other than the forementioned, your company seems like a great company I would not mind working for. Its all about customer service and Customer Relationship Management. (CRM). Good luck and stay strong in this economy.

  • http://BethWalker Beth Walker

    I am the owner of a small print business in California. It is all about the customer service! My first year (1997) we had sales of 187K. By 2001, our sales topped 600K. That is without any marketing or sales people, just yellow pages and customer referrals! This last year, we hit 1.4 Mil. Again without a sales force. Glad to here you are doing well and KEEP UP THE GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE!

  • http://Jpurtell Jpurtell

    Great job, stay focused. You are 100% on target the Client is #1.