Small Printer Thinks Big

The employees are also given a voice in how the company is run. “We told them that they can work a little harder and longer, and make more money. Or, we could hire more people. They chose to work harder and longer,” Mays remarks.

The partners also do what they can to make work a fun experience for their employees. The company regularly plans outings such as paint ball and pizza parties. The keys to the bosses’ fishing cabin are often handed over to employees for use on the weekends.

Mays and Burke are also good at keeping their clients happy.

“Much of our business comes from referrals,” notes Mays. “Those referrals come from doing little things that improve a relationship with a client. If a client’s logo needs updated, we’ll go in and make little adjustments, and they’ve always been happy with that. Or, if a client needs a disk logo then we’ll do that for them free of charge and hand deliver it,” states Mays.

Mays and Burke also try to offer their clients a one-stop approach to their print and promotional marketing needs. And, despite the company’s growth, Mays and Burke still hand deliver all of their jobs.

“It’s that personal touch. We generally drop off a job, and we generally leave with a new job,” reports Mays. “We also stand behind our work even if it is a mistake on the customer’s part. It’s all of these things that keep customers loyal to us,” claims Mays. “In addition we do quality work at a fair price,” he adds.

The company also gets involved in its clients’ causes. Global Printing’s niche market is political printing, as well as non-profit work.”We donate as much printing as we can. But, we are also there answering the phones for telethons and doing what we can for them on a personal level,” says Burke.

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