Seybold New York Review–C’mon, Were You Surprised?

The merger—due to enter phase one by June—will extend the reach of both companies and facilitate global expansion of their combined services. The 4-Sight-charged WAM!NET will be able to offer a full spectrum of connectivity solutions, ranging from simple dial-up at 50MB an hour of throughput to managed services at more than 2,000MB an hour, plus other products targeted at workflow applications and international connectivity.

“There are synergies in coupling 4-Sight’s data transportation software with WAM!NET’s managed network infrastructure,” reports Ed Driscoll, CEO and co-founder of WAM!NET.

WAM!NET and 4-Sight will merge operations under the existing management structure with corporate headquarters in Minneapolis and an international office in Bournemouth, England.

Driscoll will continue in his current role at WAM!NET; David Townend, 4-Sight’s managing director, will become managing director of WAM!NET UK Ltd.

Jobs Affirms Apple’s Pledge to Publishing.
Mac superhero Steve Jobs delivered a keynote that was everything, virtually, a graphic designer wanted to hear. Apple Computer’s co-founder and interim CEO proclaimed his company’s commitment to the publishing marketplace, saying the Mac maker “deeply cares” about publishing and expects to expend resources in the publishing direction.

Jobs outlined the key features in several important Apple software products—ColorSync, WebObjects, AppleScript and QuickTime. Adobe’s founder, John Warnock, made a brief cameo during the Apple great’s talk.

On the product front, Apple announced its most powerful computer ever—a 300Mhz Power Macintosh G3 with a 1MB 1.2 memory cache. This new Power Mac can be combined with build-to-order options, such as Firewire, Ultra Wide SCSI RAID drives and DVD-ROM, to create a solution for multimedia authors, digital video editors and prepress professionals.

In the World of Workflow. . .
Workflow solutions caused a stir. It seems the field has more players, as more sophisticated solutions for digital image archiving, storage, and content manipulation and management come to market.

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