Seybold New York Review–C’mon, Were You Surprised?

Be honest. Did you expect WAM!NET and 4-Sight to merge their telecommunication powers under the same banner at Seybold?

WAM!NET’s bold and beautiful acquisition of the UK-domestic-turned-global ISDN provider was the big news at Seybold New York.

Wasn’t it the most logical, likely, and yet somehow unlikely, pairing of corporate intentions, philosophies and technologies? Wasn’t it just what the commercial printer has been virtually demanding of these two facilitators of digital file delivery? On perhaps a more important note, wasn’t it simply surreal to see all those WAM!NET employees in their funky T-shirts standing peacefully, shoulder to shoulder, with the small army of 4-Sight workers in their Kiss Your Courier Goodbye


Talk about a double take!

Actually, there was other news at Seybold New York, which drew crowds to the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center recently. Heidelberg and Vancouver-based thermal imaging innovator Creo are moving ever closer in their joint prepress manufacturing and marketing initiatives. Agfa showed enthusiasm for Polaroid’s new PolaProof digital halftone proofing device. And, of course, Apple’s Steve Jobs, wearing faded blue jeans and sporting his now unmistakable evangelical manner, stood before 1,000 attendees and preached of great things to come from Apple.

Apple Computer, in addition to maintaining the largest booth area (with 10,000 square feet of Seybold space), captured attention with its “Think Different” campaign, which brought the awe-inspiring images of several global, cultural and scientific leaders to the show.

Take a minute to tour Printing Impressions’ review for some of the hottest happenings at Seybold New York.

—Marie Ranoia Alonso

Seybold News
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WAM!NET Buys 4-Sight.
WAM!NET announced that it will acquire the assets of 4-Sight Ltd. for approximately $40 million in cash and stock, and merge the operations, product lines and offices of both companies. Two major players in the graphic communications market, WAM!NET and 4-Sight jointly deliver digital connectivity to more than 30,000 sites worldwide.

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