Selling Digital Printing–Making Money, Digitally

And they have to appreciate its potential. That’s why Winston Printing—a company with an Agfa Chromapress, Heidelberg GTO-DI and Xerox DocuTech in its digital department—decided to bypass the normal contacts when marketing its digital services.

“We’ve not been going to your normal print buyers,” says Vice President Mical W. Fowler. “We’ve been targeting people in marketing.

“Most print buyers are only interested in unit cost,” he continues. “You get up to the marketing people, the financial people, the officers of the company, they are more interested in cost per exposure in trying to target their efforts.”

So how can digital printing help print buyers target their efforts? Three words: variable data imaging.

“We think advanced variable data with the ability to swop out images and type on the fly will be very important in the future,” Fowler says.

Bill Marrale, vice president of marketing and sales support at KAR Printing, agrees. This Miami Lakes, FL-based printing company recently installed an Indigo E-Print 1000+, complete with Yours Truly, Indigo’s software package for personalization.

What makes personalization so powerful? Suppose a car dealer has a list of key clients whose leases are about to expire. Variable data imaging can help this dealer create direct marketing pieces almost impossible to ignore.

“Let’s say…John Smith came in and leased a red Firebird with black leather interior and a convertible top in 1995,” Marrale says. “In 1998, he has to turn the car in, buy a new car or whatever. And in 1995, he qualified for 9.6-percent financing.

“The dealership can send a letter, saying, ‘Dear John: We know you enjoyed purchasing through us a red Firebird with black leather interior and a convertible top, and we understand at that time you qualified for 9.6-percent financing. Your lease is now expiring. Please come in and accept this token as a personal gift for doing business with us. And, incidentally, because you’re such a valued customer, we are willing to give you a three-year lease for this brand-new 1998 red Firebird with black leather interior and a convertible top, pictured below. And we’ll give it to you at 3.9-percent financing.’ “

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