Scanning–Flattening the Competition

Customers have noticed the difference, too, perhaps the greatest reason why more than 1,000 units have been sold worldwide since its introduction at PRINT 97.

“I had one customer who had a four-color project to do, but one of his concerns was saving money,” recalls Stoker. “He had 20 35mm transparencies that we left in their sleeves and scanned them. The quality and focus of Cézanne is that good.”

Stoker appreciates the flexibility Cézanne adds to his department, among other things. “The depth of our work is tied into Cézanne’s flexibility and versatility,” notes Stoker. “I’m able to do all my logos and line art faster and with great quality, especially the black-and-white work. Not only have we seen an improvement in quality, but productivity has benefitted, too. Cézanne also allows room for learning and improvement. That was a significant concern because our workload is constantly changing with the many different kinds of customers we have, and the variety of work we do.”

“Cézanne is the right solution for Millet because of the incredible amount and variety of work they perform everyday,” says ABV Graphics’ Nordman. “Mike has an excellent staff and a couple of operators who have really embraced it. They only needed a couple days of training and were gung-ho about Cézanne right from the start.”

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