Saddle STitching Machines — Newest Offerings

All feeder controls are adjustable on-the-fly. Runs larger, smaller, wider and narrower signatures. Heavy-duty design for trouble-free, multi-shift production. Choice of tilt-back and moveable signature feeders with quick-set adjustment. Individual feeder air pumps provide abundant air pressure, easily handle both thinner/lighter and thicker/heavier signatures.

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The Rosback 203R is a fully automatic, medium- to high-speed saddle stitcher. It handles books or pamphlets from two sheets up to 3⁄8˝ thick (approximately 120 pages) 3×5˝ to 12.5×15˝.

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The Pacesetter 1000, from Heidelberg Web Systems, stitches up to 20,000 magazine-size books/hr. The Pacesetter 870 model runs at up to 15,500 books/hr. and can stitch products ranging from digest to tabloid sizes in one- or two-up formats.

Independently driven horizontal or vertical hoppers on the Pacesetters can be shifted in and out of production for high-speed, selective inserting. Both hopper options feature two-gripper main drums and single-gripper transfer and opener drums for signature control. Heidelberg’s Omniflex controls manage selective binding and ink-jet personalization with single copy control at full production speeds. Additional features include on-the-fly adjustment capabilities, mechanical and electronic sensors, and integrated Heidelberg trimmer and auxiliary options.

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The S2000, from McCain Bindery Systems, is a full-format saddle stitcher with a rated speed of 13,000 cph. It can produce as small as 3×3˝ up to 113⁄4×19˝. The S2000 accommodates all value-added features such as two-up products, inside/outside ink-jetting and selective binding.

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