Rocky Mountain News Dead At 150

DENVER—The Rocky Mountain News published its final edition today, with its ownership unable to find a buyer in what could become a nationwide epidemic as publishers fight both a terrible economy and a migration of readers and advertisers away from the printed newspaper.

Rich Boehne, CEO of parent company E.W. Scripps, broke the news to staff at noon on Thursday. The Rocky, as it was commonly referred to, lost $16 million in 2008 and ownership had been trying to find a buyer for the past three months. Denver, like most large American cities, will now have one newspaper, the Post.

The paper employs about 225 people. It was two months shy of its 150th anniversary.

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  • http://JerryReihl Jerry Reihl

    This is a very sad reality of the economic condition we are in. Business owners have got to stop living in denial, and manage their business on more stringent schedule. The biggest slap in the face on this story written here, is "the ownership had been trying to find a buyer for the past 3 months" is a ridiculous time frame to correct something that had been in the wrong direction for a long time. Nor is it enough time for anyone to put a deal together and save this company and it’s employees. For crying out loud CEO’s take off your god damn blinders and do your JOB, as you would expect your lowest employee to do!!!