Ricoh Releases a Marketer’s Guide to Data- and Insight-Driven Marketing

BOULDER—Jun 28, 2012—When it comes to marketing, precision matters. Award-winning marketer, Sandra Zoratti, author and vice president of marketing, executive briefings and education for Ricoh, establishes a persuasive case for data-driven marketing in her new book—“Precision Marketing: Maximizing Revenue Through Relevance”— launched by Ricoh today.

Featuring success stories from industry giants such as Amazon Fiat, and Caesar’s Entertainment, the book provides valuable and pragmatic insights into how a company can earn and maintain a strong foothold in today’s highly competitive economy.

Zoratti explains how customers say, “Know me or no me!” and vote with their dollars, attention and brand-altering online voices when companies fail to deliver relevant marketing content. Marketers, it seems, are still missing the relevancy mark and thus introducing substantial risks to the health of their business.

The author asserts, and supports with real-world examples, that by leveraging existing customer data to deliver targeted and tailored content, marketers can effectively increase customer loyalty, attract new prospects and drive revenue for their brand.

The book also examines the hidden costs and negative impact of marketing clutter on a company’s bottom line, and offers results-driven solutions that will help strengthen a brand’s market positioning.

“Precision Marketing” is a must-read for any senior executive or marketer looking to understand what drives consumers to make purchase decisions and stay loyal to a brand. Customer engagement is a key, ever-present challenge faced by marketers, and this book provides a six-step framework to implement targeted and proven marketing approaches across all communications channels—including direct mail, email and social media.

Zoratti, winner of BMA Gold Key and International MarCom awards and BMA Colorado Marketer of the Year in 2012, gives a thorough breakdown of the steps necessary to deliver more powerful marketing results through the use of customer insights developed via data analytics.

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  • Bg Jones

    I am usually not a nay sayer but it is hard for me to take this seriously based on the epic fail of a mail piece I received last week. I have always had high regards for Ricoh and still do somewhat.