USPS Unveils “2nd Ounce Free” on First-Class

WASHINGTON, DC—High-volume commercial mailers spoke, and the Postal Service listened. Effective this week, businesses mailing First-Class Mail automation, presort letters using “2nd Ounce Free” pricing can mail letters weighing up to two ounces at the one-ounce postage rate.

First-Class Mail automation, presort letters are primarily generated by commercial mailers of bills and statements or transaction mail. Second Ounce Free pricing will provide these customers with greater value from their transaction mailings by letting them include an additional ounce that can be used for operational or marketing purposes at no additional cost.

“With 2nd Ounce Free, companies have greater flexibility to offset mailing center costs by including additional promotional offers with bills, invoices and statements,” said Gary Reblin, vice president, domestic products. “2nd Ounce Free also provides business mailers with the option of using higher quality paper stock or larger envelopes to create greater impact.”

Bills and statements delivered via First-Class Mail are opened more than 95 percent of the time and, on average, the receiver spends two to three minutes with each piece. “This makes transaction mail a highly effective medium for target marketing,” said Reblin.

An integral part of the overall commitment from the Postal Service to add value to the mail, 2nd Ounce Free is not a limited time promotion, but a new price for First-Class Mail presort, automation letters. It does not apply to single-piece letters mailed by consumers. Reblin said that registration is not required, no annual minimum thresholds apply and no payment rebates are needed, since 2nd Ounce Free pricing is offered upfront.

Second Ounce Free can be used to inform, educate and strengthen customer loyalty by providing additional information, such as announcements, disclosures and notifications. The extra ounce also can be used to conduct consumer research with surveys and reply cards.

By combining transaction mail with promotional mail, transpromo, companies can add more inserts and “onserts” (totaling up to two ounces) without incurring additional postage costs.