Process Graphic Services (PGS) of Grand Prairie, TX, is a finisher whose full-service capabilities and large facilities rank it as a truly “Texas-size” business. Family owned through three generations and now solidly established as the finisher of choice for many printers, packaging-makers and publishers, PGS takes pride in being able to handle virtually any kind of finishing work that its customers demand.

Whether the printed sheets coming through its doors are to be converted into folding cartons, setup boxes, books, slip cases, sports trading cards, greeting cards, game boards, point-of-purchase displays or other printed merchandise, PGS has what it takes in know-how, skilled hands and equipment to handle any kind of finishing job.

Unfortunately, the jobs PGS has been seeing far too many of are “rush jobs,” in which customers want top quality finishing work delivered now or, preferably, yesterday. What’s missing on more and more jobs is the adequate time to do them.

As PGS President Mitch Robertson tells it, “Printed sheets have actually come into PGS as late as on—or after—the date we’ve agreed to deliver finished goods! By the time jobs reach us, all of their ‘slack’ has been used up earlier in the print production chain.”

Customers Expect More
Another factor in the shrinking turnaround time phenomenon is customer expectations. “Customers have seen the highly visible advances in sheetfed printing technology, experienced printer competition on speed of service and use just-in-time delivery,” he adds.

Despite the time pressure, giving top service to customers remains the first order of business at PGS. The 135-employee company operates two shifts daily, on a six-day work week. Its two-building plant spans 225,000 square feet and has separate laser diemaking, diecutting, foil stamping and embossing areas, with an array of finishing and converting equipment that includes Bobst folder/gluers and Bobst SP-102-Es, the heart of the firm’s large diecutting capabilities.

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