What set Horak’s efforts apart was it had a staff person research each prospect to make sure that company was a good fit for the campaign. Furthermore, it called each firm on the list to get the correct name of a marketing contact.

To create the direct mail piece, an internal team was assembled that included F.P. Horak’s electronic graphic services department, its business development director, marketing coordinator and HP Indigo press operator. “We have the method to end the marketing madness” was the slogan the team came up with to reflect the campaign’s theme of making better marketing decisions.

In four waves, the company mailed a total of 554 packages. Each contained a Magic 8 Ball (toy fortune-telling device) with a personalized label on the box that read: “Technical Guidance Enclosed.” The recipient’s PURL was printed on an insert placed atop the toy. After removing the 8 Ball, the prospect saw a tab affixed to the box window that also listed the PURL.

To encourage prospects to view all pages of their personal Websites, the team kept the material fun and lighthearted. The first thing a site visitor saw was a Flash animation of a coin flip, then a hand doing the “rock, paper, scissors” child’s game of chance and, finally, a Magic 8 Ball being shaken.

The animation was followed by a short survey that asked questions such as, “Will you be nice to the F.P. Horak sales rep who contacts you?” It also asked which products and services the prospect’s organization uses, and what services it needs help with to reach its marketing and business objectives.

Horak’s marketing coordinator credited the light tone of the questions with helping the project to succeed. It kept prospects from feeling like they were being pressured into answering questions about their business needs.

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