Validation for Inmate’s Work Dear Editor,

We received the January edition of Printing Impressions featuring your editorial about our inmate’s success. Thank you so much for writing this article. Things like this are quite validating for all of us. We are giving a copy of the magazine to John Phillips (the inmate who was profiled).

Again, thank you for taking the time to showcase John’s efforts, as well as those of my staff.

Jeanette Donohew
Lead Teacher
Northern Regional Jail and Correctional Facility
Moundsville, WV

Kabul Editorial Stirs Readers

Dear Editor,

I wanted to express my delight and appreciation for your editorial about our company (in the December issue). You really listened and got everything just right!

Your facts, your tone and your conclusion were so beautifully expressed, and the headline was very funny.

Thanks again for all of your efforts on behalf of our industry.

Sharon Newman
Action Envelope
Lindenhurst, NY

Dear Editor,

Great editorial/article about “running a print shop in Kabul.” What great perspectives it offers. Thanks for writing about it. It was the best article in the whole PI issue…You even beat out DeWese!

Keep up the good work.

John Doering
Midland, MI

Dear Editor,

Just wanted to drop a note to thank you for December’s Editor’s Notebook.

There are stories everywhere that cite the challenges U.S. business owners face, and there are many. But we all take for granted that we’ll start each day minus bombings and required male escorts…not to mention 10-hour treks to buy paper.

Sounds like Kabul is ripe for an xpedx warehouse! Just teasing.

Thanks for shining a light on how good we have it here. Another great issue.

Lisa Jonas
xpedx Business Communications
Loveland, OH

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