Shop Creates Own ‘Bailout’

Dear Editor,

I just received my copy of Printing Impressions in the mail, and Harris DeWese was saying people should do a bailout-themed promotion. Great minds think alike. We are just starting to sell our second batch of coupons. We sold our very first set last fall and are hoping to repeat that success.

Now, I’m sure Harris DeWese gets lots of letters from appreciative salespeople. Let me state right here that I’m not in sales; I’m the owner, press operator and all of prepress. I’ve been reading De-Wese’s column since I was the only employee at another small print shop here in Jackson Hole, WY.

Coupon packets have always been a spring tradition because it’s between tourist seasons. The local radio station has always sold them in the spring and, no matter what shop I’ve worked at, I’ve been dragged into printing them. We thought that we might as well sell them in the spring now, too! With DeWese’s advice, I’m evolving into a novice sales woman, and my background in Political Science hasn’t hurt either. In fact, it’s finally useful. I know how to distribute propaganda.

Anyway, Old West Press is a two-woman shop composed of myself, the owner, and Gracie, the boss and apprentice. She’s older than me and drove everyone nuts in retirement, so she entered our industry at the youthful age of 67. She’s here to keep me on the straight and narrow.

So that’s my story, and I’m sticking to it! If anyone wants to see or use our idea, and they’re not in Wyoming or Eastern Idaho, tell ’em to go for it. If they want our bailout art, I will send it to them—not that it’s great, but we’ve had fun with it. I also have lots of experience doing the actual printing and collation on a coupon set. When they work, they’re great because your own advertising gets a free ride.

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