Printers Stung by Attacks

Donnelley’s building was evacuated after the second tower was struck. Within 48 hours, Donnelley Financial had reestablished its Manhattan Service Center at 99 Park Ave., near Central Station, which is home to another Donnelley office. Donnelley Financial continues to serve its clients 24 hours a day from that location. While 75 Park Place has been evaluated and deemed structurally sound, Panchak noted that variables beyond the company’s control, including utilities and access to the area, leaves the timetable for returning an unknown.

R.R. Donnelley Logistics is functioning, sans seven ZIP codes within one local post office (90 Church St.) in Manhattan that remain out of service.

Tanagraphics, a 32-year veteran in the city, which realizes a great deal of its work from affected businesses, is located a mere two miles from the area dubbed “ground zero.” According to David Jurist, president of Tanagraphics, the focus of the company is to “deal with the reality of what has happened.”

One way that was accomplished was through a prayer session the company had on the Friday following the attack. Employees joined hands on the fifth floor and recited the names of people who were missing.

“Cousins, brothers-in-law, sisters-in-law, friends,” Jurist related. “There were too many names. People were carrying pictures around (of the missing people).”

IGI Earth Color, located midtown at West 34th St., did not reveal the extent of possible damage to employees or property, but reported that business activity was not its immediate concern. “Business takes a back seat at a time like this,” notes Carin Mifsud, vice president and marketing director. “We’re concentrating on supporting those who may have been affected.”

Sandy Alexander of Clifton, NJ, less than 10 miles from ground zero, felt the sadness expressed by the city and the rest of the nation. “Some relatives of our employees, including New York City firemen, are not accounted for,” states Jonathan Fogel, senior vice president and director of marketing for Sandy Alexander.

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