SG360° Launches Pre-Testing Direct Marketing Solution

WHEELING, IL—Oct. 23, 2012—The digital age has permanently changed the relationship between marketers and customers. Using a technology-driven formula, SG360°, a Segerdahl company, under its newly launched BRANDIRECTions service offering, is ensuring its clients are making a connection with the people who matter most.

BRANDIRECTions means clients are able to test the effectiveness of their campaigns with online customer panels before spending a single dime on production. It then micro-segments audiences according to psychographic data and helps to predict future customer purchases based on past behaviors.

The company partnered with LJS Research, a known expert in strategy and research, to create its analytics model, which includes interactive testing, behavioral segmentation, predictive modeling, reporting and more.

“BRANDIRECTions is what makes SG360º stand apart from the competition,” explains Rick Joutras, CEO of SG360°. “Essentially, we’re giving businesses the ability to personalize their communications in a way that’s never been possible before.”

SG360º also provides printing, creative, logistics and fulfillment services. Clients include some of the worlds’ largest and savviest retailers and advertising agencies.

“Our belief is that campaigns don’t have a beginning or end point,” said Luke Heffron, SG360º’s vice president of Integrated Marketing and head of BRANDIRECTions. “Our clients look to us to help make more intellectual decisions around each direct marketing touch point.”

Heffron adds, “In today’s environment, if a brand isn’t going deeper to connect the right messages for the right customer, they are going to be left behind.”

About SG360°
SG360°, a Segerdahl company, provides empirical direct marketing solutions to many of the world’s largest and savviest retail, financial, healthcare and automotive marketers. The company’s innovative tools and expert guidance turn what could be just a service into a solution. The SG360º purpose is to create deep connections with those that matter most. Our customers. Our customers’ customer. And everyone of our 400+ team members. The company is based in Wheeling, IL.