PIA Issues Statement Regarding HP Managed Print Services

PITTSBURGH—July 13, 2009—Printing Industries of America has always viewed HP as a company that offers high-impact digital solutions to the printing industry. Hundreds of printers throughout the United States have availed themselves of HP products to service their customers — spending millions of dollars with HP in the process.

It is with disappointment, therefore, that Printing Industries of America learned of HP’s latest offering — managed print services, which was advertised with great fanfare in this morning’s Wall Street Journal. “We are always concerned when a major vendor in our industry deviates from its core offerings to venture into managing print solutions, which the private sector has competitively provided for hundreds of years,” notes Michael Makin, President and CEO of Printing Industries of America.

HP officials have assured Printing Industries of America that it is not their intent to compete with private commercial printers and that this effort is primarily directed as an enterprise solution for major corporations to facilitate their in-house copying. A webcast describing HP’s Guarantee Program supports this position, but Printing Industries of America is concerned that it could open the door to further service offerings.

“Our role as the largest graphic arts trade association in the world is to represent the interests of commercial printers. It strikes me that HP may be compromising its relationships with its crucial printer customer base. On the one hand, it is courting commercial printers to purchase its print solutions, and yet, on the other, it is offering managed services which could compete with these very printers,” says Makin, noting that Printing Industries has also objected when other vendors have offered similar services.

Makin stresses that HP should formally clarify its relationship with commercial printers so that further anxiety is not created in already difficult economic times.

About Printing Industries of America
Printing Industries of America is the world’s largest graphic arts trade association, representing an industry with approximately one million employees. It serves the interests of more than 10,000 member companies. Together with its nationwide affiliate network, Printing Industries delivers products and services that enhance the growth, efficiency, and profitability of its members and the graphic communications industry through advocacy, education, research, and technical information.

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  • http://GregWalters Greg Walters

    LOL!<br />
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    OMG!<br />
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    There is no way an organization that has been around for "100 years" can be so stupid…right?<br />
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    "HP…Compromising their position…"<br />
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    LOL! Bufoons!<br />
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    I would urge all PIA members to re-evaluate their membership if this is the kind of direction the PIA leadership hands down.<br />
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    Stunning…absolutely stunning…<br />
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    You could have at least Googled "Managed Print Services" – even on dial-up the correct information could have saved you this embarrassment.

  • http://EdwardCrowley Edward Crowley

    I think this blog may shed a little light on the confusion. While both firms are talking about Managed Print Services, they are talking about two completely different types of services.<br />
    <br />