Phil Vedda & Sons Triples Its Stitching Productivity with Stitchmaster ST 350 from Heidelberg

Phillip James Vedda, bindery manager, and Tina Peterson, bindery operator, pictured with Vedda & Sons’ new ST350 saddlestitcher.

While the company also provides cut-sheet digital printing, “offset is still going strong,” Vedda insisted, noting that its long-term viability is getting a boost from steady advances in speed, efficiency and reliability.

Comfort and Confidence
While the company acknowledges looking at competitive equipment from time to time, the 100 percent Heidelberg shop “always [comes] back to Heidelberg because the equipment is so reliable,” Vedda added. “It all boils down to a level of comfort with the technology and confidence in Heidelberg as our single-source supplier.”

For Vedda & Sons, that confidence also extends to its reliance on Heidelberg consumables, including Saphira Chemfree plates, pressroom chemistry and assorted press supplies.

About Phil Vedda & Sons
Founded in 1956, Phil Vedda & Sons Printing is a high-quality, fast-turn commercial printer serving local commercial and residential real estate concerns, large print brokers, hospitals, and the Cleveland City School District, among others. The company proudly describes itself as a “tradesman’s union printer” with a tradition of fiscal discipline, a habit of reinvestment, and demonstrable results that include steadily increasing sales revenue from year to year.

Source: Heidelberg.

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