Packaging Graphics Offering Enhanced Scented Printing Capability

PAWTUCKET, RI—May 16, 2011—Advertising clutter is the norm and not going away, so companies will have to be bolder and more unique in their marketing efforts. That’s why Packaging Graphics is looking to capitalize on another sensory perception to trigger consumer response. It has teamed with Scentisphere of Carmel, NY, to offer the Rub’nSmell scent application program. For advertising items such as catalogs, coupons, direct mail and packaging, Packaging Graphics can embed a combination of 60 distinct smells during the print process.

“Using sharp scents is not new, but the method we offer is a new-and-improved version. The technology available now can make an immediate impression with a unique, distinct scent that is very critical to consumers purchasing habits,” said Nick Carafa, executive vice president-sales.

“Major Fortune 500 companies are using, for example, scented labels and other things as a way to attract customers for products like detergents, soaps and shampoos,” Carafa continued. “Research shows scents produce emotional responses, often leading people to spend more time considering a brand which can impact buying decisions. We put together a holiday promotion for buyers where we printed ornaments and candy canes. When they rubbed those images, they got a whiff of a refreshing mint scent. It provided us with great feedback and now marketing budgets are starting to improve, we’re looking to win some business for this program.”

Mint is just one of 60 stock scents used with Rub’nSmell, but Carafa said that any scent provided by customers also can be matched. Fruit and spice scents dominate the list, ranging from apple and watermelon to citrus and vanilla, but several exotic aromas are also available. Packaging Graphics has a six-week turnaround time to deliver any project, indicated Pressroom Manager Pat Gilmartin, who said the sky’s the limit with his production capabilities.

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