Scents, Coatings, In-Line Foils, Special Embossing Add Pizzazz and Differentiation
February 1, 2015

We've canvassed a handful of printers who stray a bit from the beaten path to get their take on the effectiveness of embellishments. One of the more comprehensive embellishers we came across is Worthington, MN-based Bedford Industries, which debuted in 1966 as a wire twist-tie manufacturer. The firm has blossomed in a number of different solutions for bundling, identification tags, converting technology, packaging reclosures and its trademark ElastiTag product line.

Scent-sational Marketing Pieces: One Whiff and You've Got Them
November 28, 2012

Your clients will send a lot of well wishes this season. And you can help them to stand out among the many artistic, classic and interactive varieties soon to be hanging in homes and offices. How? By adding the sense of smell, an option many won’t even be aware is possible.

Packaging Graphics Offering Enhanced Scented Printing Capability
May 16, 2011

For advertising items such as catalogs, coupons, direct mail and packaging, Packaging Graphics can embed a combination of 60 distinct smells during the print process. “Using sharp scents is not new, but the method we offer is a new-and-improved version,” said Nick Carafa, executive vice president-sales.

What a Difference a Sense Makes
November 20, 2009

When looking at the five human senses, one must respect that the Internet has just two of them covered, sight and sound. Printing, takes the lead with the ability to interact with all five senses. This is a major advantage in a myriad of areas, some of which we will touch upon here, but the majority can be left to our creative resources.