New Press Models, Innovative Booth Highlighted by manroland #Ipex

BIRMINGHAM, UK—05/18/10—At Ipex 2010, manroland is thinking and acting unconventionally on its 740 square meter booth area. In hall 17, as a member of PrintCity, comprehensive process competence can be re-experienced.

manroland’s show planners have created a lot of space for communication, consultancy, and exchange of experiences. “We have chosen this new approach without printing presses deliberately. The industry is in a process of change and so are our customers’ expectations. The customer is demanding holistic solutions from the manufacturer. It is high time to show manroland’s process competence clearly and distinctively at trade shows, too,“ describes Thomas Hauser, Vice President Marketing at manroland, the philosophy.

The company is also making a number of product announcements at the show.

Faster, better, more efficient: the new Roland 700

manroland presents the new Roland 700 HiPrint HiSpeed, designed for a starting production rate of 18,000 sheets per hour. In addition, customers can choose the ROLAND 700 HiPrint, a highly productive universal press that is being again modernized.

Shifting into turbo mode
The Roland 700 HiPrint HiSpeed is based on Roland 700 DirectDrive technology, which is designed for a starting production rate of 18,000 sheets per hour. Users of DirectDrive technology differentiate themselves in their markets when it comes to print quality and production efficiency. Special features enable these advantages: a high-performance inking unit with controllable ink flow based on print length, a third or fourth washing line for trouble-free UV and hybrid printing, and QuickChange Surface, which permits quick cleaning of ink fountains.

The Roland 700 HiPrint HiSpeed has all new technologies, functions and options of the Roland 700 DirectDrive, including numerous QuickChange modules and the new InlineColorPilot color measurement and control system. The press is especially suited for long print runs in packaging printing and for high-volume commercial printing. Depending on the print run structure and press equipment, printers can expect increases in productivity up to 25 percent. The first presses are already printing at high speed on a daily basis, to the great satisfaction of customers.

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