New High-Performance MICR Toner for Océ VarioStream 8000 Product Line Increases High-Speed MICR Printing Productivity

TRUMBULL, CT—May 7, 2009—Océ, a global leader in digital document management and delivery, today announced a new high performance Magnetic Ink Character Recognition (MICR) toner that enhances MICR printing productivity by nearly 18 percent. The new MICR toner offers significant improvements in image quality and toner adhesion. It is now available for the Océ VarioStream® 8000 continuous feed product family, with future availability for other Océ continuous feed systems. Using the new MICR toner formulation, the Océ VarioStream 8750 simplex system will deliver printed MICR output at the rate of 750 ipm, and the Océ VarioStream 8750 twin system will deliver MICR printing at 1,500 ipm for letter-size pages, a new speed benchmark. Océ VarioStream Triplex MICR productivity has also increased nearly 43 percent to 1060 ipm as a result of the new High Performance toner. No other industry player offers MICR and over 400 highlight color choices possible with the Océ CustomTone® program for 2/0 twin MICR, or 2/1 MICR triplex printing.

Print service providers gain a competitive advantage when they can deliver high volume, readable MICR output within required production windows. Their customers must get to market quickly with promotional checks, hybrid promotional transactional (“TransPromo”) statements, interest checks, coupon books, insurance Explanation of Benefits (EOBs), Image Replacement Documents (IRDs) and other applications requiring MICR. Print providers who can deliver on the promise of fast MICR printing increase their value to their clients. As a further benefit, when MICR jobs can be completed quickly, print providers have the extra capacity to take on more work.

With a MICR-capable Océ VarioStream system, print operations can produce a wider variety of documents and satisfy more client requirements on just one device. This helps reduce unnecessary burdens of additional equipment, resource planning, output management, data conversion and other issues that come up when multiple systems are required. Using exclusive Océ Quick Change Developer Stations, the high-performance MICR toner can be combined with Océ CustomTone spot printing, further extending the printer’s capabilities.

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