Mimeo.com to Open Digital Printing Platform to Third Parties

NEW YORK—April 15, 2010—Today, Mimeo.com, the leading online printing and distribution company, announced that it has opened its technology platform so that third parties can share Mimeo’s innovative solutions with their own customers or employees.

The new program makes it possible for partners to leverage any and all parts of Mimeo’s market leading front-end applications and its production workflow, printing and distribution capabilities. The move by Mimeo is the result of nearly two years of investments in its application development and cloud based infrastructure. Third party partners can now utilize any part of the Mimeo web to print platform as if it were their own.

“We have spent a decade building and operating the most powerful online solution to print, manage, and distribute documents. For years, potential parties have expressed interest in utilizing various parts of the platform. This new program will enable 3rd parties to offer the same online, on-demand services that we directly provide to our 8,000 corporate accounts. We expect that Companies that use all or part of our platform will immediately provide value to their customers, while allowing Mimeo to accelerate expansion in our core business document market and participate in other markets such as enterprise-wide managed print services and photo products,” said Mimeo CEO Adam Slutsky.

Mimeo said four groups are expected to take advantage of the open platform:

• Channel Partners who can now rebrand Mimeo’s front-end online solutions as their own in order to expand products offered without having to invest in software or digital print infrastructure.

• Retailers who are interested in utilizing Mimeo’s 3 digital print centers, advanced color capabilities, warehouses, and overnight distribution centers in order to support their print needs or to overcome capacity constraints.

• Enterprise customers that would like to add a virtual component to their current print environment as a way to lower costs while improving organizational capabilities.

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