Marketing Digital Services–Success Strategies


Digital Prinitng is poised to become one of the most powerful tools available to marketers.

However, there’s one problem. Many of your clients don’t fully understand how digital printing can be beneficial to their businesses. It’s a hurdle that any digital print provider needs to clear before it can become profitable. But an effective digital print marketing strategy can go a long way to clearing the profitability obstacle. Still, marketing digital printing services requires you to take a different approach than you might with traditional offset printing. Marketing your digital capabilities requires educating your clients about the benefits of digital and also requires a different level of support.

So, in order to help you hit the mark, two commercial printers recently shared with Printing Impressions how they have marketed their digital capabilities successfully along side their traditional offset presses.

Develop a Brand Name
When executives at Dallas-based Padgett Printing made the move into variable data, digital color printing, they knew they needed to different-iate themselves from other digital printers. One of the ways Padgett found to set itself apart from its digital competitors in customers’ minds was to develop a brand name.

The result was the creation of Maestro, which is marketed under Maestro Marketing Solution, a division of Padgett Printing. By developing a brand name, Padgett, a Xeikon user, felt it would provide them with a uniform approach to selling digital printing, explains David Torok, Padgett president and CEO. It also ensures that by using the brand name Maestro, everyone is on the same page when it comes to the product’s expectations.

“The Maestro name represents a level of excellence, a level of dependability and the vision that we bring to the marketplace,” remarks Retha Petruzates, Maestro’s marketing director. “We are assisting our customers in orchestrating their variable data projects. We are bringing a level of expertise to clients, through a nurturing relationship.”

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