manroland Resuming Full-Time Work Weeks at Offenbach Plant

OFFENBACH, GERMANY—June 30, 2011—After nearly three years, a successful reorganization and an improved order intake will allow manroland’s manufacturing site to return to normal working hours.

Solid orders and a good project situation, as well as the consistently implemented reorganization, have resulted in a significantly improved economic situation in the first two quarters of 2011 at manroland AG’s Offenbach manufacturing site. The good level of utilization will allow the site to end its short-time work as of July 1, 2011.

The sheetfed press sector, based in Offenbach, in particular has been benefiting from the positive economic development. The webfed press sector has also seen a greater willingness for investments on the part of customers.

Enormous employee commitment and demand-oriented product innovations have been the main drivers behind the recent success. Customers from around the globe also expressed strong interest in new products and features presented at the Sheetfed Summit in May. With updates covering the whole product range, manroland will now embark on the next phase of economic recovery.

“Putting an end to short-time work sets a clear signal that we are moving ahead. Our internal measures have proven to be effective; coupled with a strong market performance, this allows us to embrace the opportunities that lie ahead with much greater optimism,” stated Dr. Markus Rall, member of the executive board, Sheetfed Printing Systems Business Sector and Production.

Source: manroland.

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