Mañana Man Has Axe to Grind —DeWese

This is a column about showin’ up. Woody Allen said it when he wrote, “Eighty percent of success is showing up.”

This column is about the importance of just showin’ up.

I have mostly shown up for all of my 60 years and, with my many limitations, showin’ up has saved my butt. Those of you who have seen me know that I have always shown up for supper.

Lots of printing salespeople don’t ever really succeed because they don’t show up. I’ll tell you what I mean by showin’ up.

My son, Andy (26), and his buddy, Dave (32), have a lot in common. They played college baseball and both were catchers. Both young men are married. They are young, urban professionals. They have developed in to adulthood as steady, dependable guys who show up.

Dave is a lawyer in his dad’s law firm. Andy is a financial consultant for Legg-Mason, a big brokerage company. Andy and Dave played on my semi-pro baseball club, the infamous Marple Crawdads, and hit for power in the fourth and fifth spots of the lineup.

I sponsor a trip to Las Vegas each year for Super Bowl weekend and Dave and Andy are part of my 10- to 12-member posse. Even though I’m an old coot, I am a case of arrested development and I enjoy the company of younger people.

Metal Heads

Finally, with some hesitancy, I will tell you that both men are fans of the rock band, Guns N’ Roses. They are not just fans. They know the words to every song ever recorded by Axl Rose and his band. They know Axl’s mother’s maiden name, as well as her dress size.

Although Guns N’ Roses recorded a couple of numbers that are almost symphonies, namely “November Rain” and “Estranged,” I am more of an old-timer when it comes to music and my development is not so arrested. I’m more of a Roy Orbison, Conway Twitty, Joe Cocker kind of fan.

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