Label Stock Vendors Under Investigation

WASHINGTON, DC—Several of the major label stock vendors are reportedly under investigation for price fixing by the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ).

Under investigation are Avery Dennison, Bemis, Morgan Adhesives (MACtac), Raflatac and UPM-Kymmene. The DOJ is trying to determine if the companies raised, fixed and maintained the prices of self-adhesive label stock from January 1, 1999, to the present.

News of the investigation and suit began back in April when Avery announced that the DOJ had begun a criminal investigation into competitive prices in the label stock industry and would shortly subpoena the company in connection with that investigation.

Bemis followed Avery and announced that it also expected to receive a subpoena in the investigation. Bemis denied any wrongdoing and said it was cooperating fully with the DOJ investgation.

Marketplace Dominance

In a complaint filed in the Northern District of Illinois the DOJ alleges that UPM and Avery were in “positions of marketplace dominance and had significant incentives to engage in explicit competitive coordination,” and that evidence of competitive coordination was enhanced by a “long-standing strategic paper supply relationship” between UPM and Avery, which “provided UPM and Avery with the motivations, opportunities and means to coordinate on price, monitor adherence, punish cheating and engage in side payments that could be hidden in label paper transactions.”

In a written statement, Avery refuted the claims of the DOJ. “Avery Dennison takes its legal and ethical obligations very seriously and attempts at all times to act in accordance with both,” said Robert G. van Schoonenberg, executive vice president, general counsel and secretary of Avery Dennsion.

According to attorney Michael O’Meara, of Kenneth B. Moll & Associates, “the purpose of this investigation is to inform purchasers of label stock that they may have overpaid due to antitrust violations. We are seeking three times the financial loss for all companies that purchased label stock.”

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