King Printing : Have Inkjet, Will Dominate

In June, King Printing installed an HP T300 digital color inkjet web press to answer its short- and medium-run book printing needs.

King Printing lays claim to having the first Kolbus BF512 casing-in line in the United States. Shown here, King’s case binding lead prepares the line for another job.

The company is proud of the fact that it offers case binding, soft cover and mechanical binding—all under one roof, validating its status as a single-source provider.

“We offer direct service and maintain a staff that will walk the independent author through the process—help them get an ISBN number, contact booksellers and advise them on building distribution. We don’t offer distribution as a service, because there are other people who specialize in those services. That differentiates us from the current offering for self-publishing sources, because they try to offer distribution as a service and then charge more money. Our cost model works for authors who can publish a book inexpensively, sell it and retain the profit for themselves.”

Tom Campbell, the senior vice president of sales for King Printing, points out the company’s print range for independent authors is as low as 50 and as high as 20,000 books in soft and hard cover versions.

“Many of our customers are well-known media and professional people who have the means and platform to sell their books,” Campbell says. “This segment continues to grow as independent publishers expand using Amazon and other Web services.

“Adibooks is the only book print provider that can offer one- to four-color, short-run inkjet/digital printing, offset printing and a full in-house bindery for the quantities indicated, along with the direct, hands-on customer service that this segment demands.”

For those who aren’t dazzled by customer service, King Printing has the technology end covered, as well. The company has been on a veritable capex bender the past three to four years, adding capacity and capabilities via some of the newest inkjet printing devices on the market. In fact, King Printing has become a bit of an inkjet melting pot, with three different makes and models under one roof.

Inkjet Potpourri

In June, King installed an HP T300 digital color inkjet web press to answer its short- and medium-run book lengths. The company touts print runs of one to 50,000 copies, although Adi Chinai notes that the sweet spot is about 1,200-count runs. In conjunction with the new T300, King Printing also splurged for a Sigma line from Muller Martini to reap streamlined, in-line finishing that augments throughput.

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