Keller Crescent — Prescription for Success

Originally founded as Keller Printing in 1885, it merged with Crescent Engraving in the early 1900s to form Keller Crescent Printing & Engraving. In 1948, Keller Crescent expanded into a full-service advertising agency. Today, in addition to its headquarters in Evansville, the company serves a rapidly growing and diverse customer base from its facilities in Indianapolis, St. Louis and Louisville, KY.

Keller Crescent President Tom Smythe looks over booklets produced by the Vijuk Glued Miniature Booklet System sitting just behind him.

Keller Crescent entered the pharmaceutical and healthcare business in earnest in 1990 and, according to Tom Smythe, president, this market now represents 85 percent to 90 percent of its packaging services business.

“Cartons, labels, literature, plus inserts and outserts in glued, unglued and roll-to-roll formats, ribbon-folded and RTAs—we’re ready to deliver anything and everything a pharmaceutical or healthcare company may need in the way of packaging, as well as the supporting instructional, informational and promotional materials,” he notes.

The cornerstone of Keller Crescent’s business philosophy is providing customers with what Smythe terms the single control point. “The idea is to ensure a maximum level of security and confidence by overseeing everything, from the printing of folding cartons and labels, to the production of inserts and outserts, literature and source tags or IRC application—all painstakingly documented throughout production.” Smythe adds that Keller Crescent’s production and quality assurance practices have been audited and certified by some of the industry’s most respected manufacturers of pharmaceutical and healthcare products.

Keller Crescent is equipped to handle just about anything a customer wants. Highlighting its capabilities are a digital prepress system that is totally integrated with its creative services division; six-, seven- and eight-color offset presses with coating capabilities; up to seven-color rotary screen, flexo and letterpress label production; seven- to eight-color flexo carton production with in-line diecutting; plus a comprehensive line of postpress services, including diecutting, saddle stitching, glued-spine bookletmaking, and folding and gluing with EMS (electronic monitoring system) scanners.

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